John: I’m under pressure from our telco department to move to an IP infrastructure, but there are many conditions that have to be met before I’m reassured that my Teleprotection signals can be migrated from our deterministic TDM infrastructure. Smooth running of the T&D grid depends on the fail-safe operation of Teleprotection relays.

Mark, RAD Engineer, Utility Communications: You’ve got plenty of options here:
1) You can either opt for a two-step process, in which some services will migrate or roll-out over IP infrastrucure but Teleprotection will remain a SONET/SDH based service, keeping current performance criteria, such as end-to-end delay. Eventually, the entire utility network will migrate to Ethernet/IP, including Teleprotection.

2) Alternatively, you can move your Teleprotection communications to next-gen from the get-go, provided your network solutions can satisfy your performance requirements. Ethernet has come a long way and now offers predictable performance and mission-critical accuracy. Make sure such solutions include rigorous traffic management with hierarchical scheduling, timing synchronization, OAM, fault management and performance monitoring mechanisms – all of which are standards-based – to deliver SONET/SDH-like performance. It’s possible to meet jitter and symmetrical delay criteria for Teleprotection even on an IP backbone.

3) Another option is to duplicate traffic over both SONET/SDH and your IP backbone. Traffic duplication provides increased resiliency and lower latency for your mission critical traffic. It’s a built in advanced feature in RAD access nodes. Learn more



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