Optimux-45, Optimux-45L

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M13 Multiplexer - Optimux-45_45L

Multiplexer for 21 E1 or 28 T1 over Fiber or T3

Optimux-45 and Optimux-45L are managed multiplexers transporting multiple E1 and T1 links, as well as a combination of E1 and T1 (according to ITU G.747), over a standard T3 or fiber link. 


  • Cross-connect capabilities for drop-and-insert and ring applications
  • Multiplexes up to 21 E1 or 28 T1 channels over a single T3 (45 Mbps) or fiber link
  • Simultaneous multiplexing of E1 and T1 channels (according to G.747 standard recommendations)
  • T3 transmission over coax, fiber optic
  • Self-healing ring capabilities
  • Range up to 110 km (68 miles)
  • Optional redundant power supply and uplink interface
  • Full management support for fault, configuration, performance, and security via RADview – RAD’s network management system