RICi-4/8 E1/T1

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RICi-4/8 E1/T1Mid-band Ethernet and Fast Ethernet over bonded E1 or T1 NTUs

Mid-band Ethernet and Fast Ethernet over Four E1 NTU



RAD’s RICi-4E1, RICi-4T1, RICi-8E1 and RICi-8T1 deliver mid-band and Fast Ethernet services over up to eight bonded E1 or T1 circuits. Employing various standard bonding technologies to create a scalable, virtual channel from individual E1 or T1 circuits, these devices improve overall network availability by reducing latency and optimizing line utilization and throughput. 


  • Four or eight E1/T1 ports
  • Up to four 10/100BaseT user ports
  • Circuit bonding using MLPPP
  • Metro Ethernet Forum certified for MEF-9 EPL services
  • Four QoS levels according to VLAN priority (802.1p), DSCP, and per port priority schemes, per application requirements
  • Ethernet OAM per 802.1ag and performance monitoring per ITU Y.1731 for end-to-end SLA control
  • Secure Telnet and Web applications; SNMP and RADIUS