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Vmux-110   Remote Voice Trunking Gateway

Remote Voice Trunking Gateway


Vmux-110 is a customer-located device that complements RAD’s larger modular Vmux-2100 system. It fulfills the need for a low-capacity remote voice trunking gateway for both IP and leased line TDM networks. Vmux-110 is available with a choice of voice channels. 


  • Compresses four or eight FXS/FXO/E&M voice lines or a single E1/T1 voice line over an E1/T1, serial or IP link.
  • Up to 16:1 voice compression, combined with silence suppression and
    TDMoIP multiplexing for maximal bandwidth savings
  • Built-in echo cancellation ensures high-quality communications
  • Dynamic jitter buffer minimizes voice degradation
  • More bandwidth efficient than standard VoIP
  • Compatible with all VSATs
  • Transparent to all signaling protocols and telephony features
  • Enhanced relay mechanisms for fax/modem/DTMF/special tones
  • Additional user LAN port with voice/data prioritization
  • Local and remote management via ASCII terminal, Telnet, or RV-SC/Vmux
  • Compact, 1U high, half 19-inch wide unit