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ACE-201           Multiservice Network Termination Unit

Multiservice Network Termination Unit 

ACE-201 is a Customer Located Equipment (CLE) dedicated for provisioning interworking services of Gigabit Ethernet over ATM networks. Used as a Network Termination Unit (NTU), ACE-201 provides a demarcation point between the provider’s network and the customer premises. This enables end-to-end traffic and network management control. 


•  Multiservice network termination unit, allowing service providers to offer Gigabit Ethernet services over existing ATM networks 

•  STM-1/OC-3c network interface, supporting service data rates of up to 155 Mbps 

•  LAN/ATM interworking according to RFC 1483/2684 (bridged PDU), with up to 512 virtual circuit connections (VCCs) 

•  VLAN support according to 802.1p and 802.1Q, including VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) capabilities, allowing traffic separation and prioritization 

•  Traffic shaping according to the CBR, VBR, GFR, UBR and UBR+ service classes