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ACE-202                      Multiservice Access Concentrator and ATM NTU

Dedicated Multiservice Access Concentrator
ACE-202 is a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), used as a multiservice access device or as an ATM network termination unit.  As a CPE, ACE-202 defines the boundary between the ATM public services and the customer’s private network. A clear demarcation point at the customer premises increases service reliability, improves network efficiency and ensures end-to-end QoS support for carriers and service providers.
• Creates a clear ATM network demarcation point at the customer premises 
• Guarantees Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance and provides extensive 
statistic reports 
• Differentiates between services by mapping Layer 2 VLAN and Layer 3 Class of Service 
to ATM Quality of Service (QoS) 
• Operation And Maintenance (OAM) for QoS assurance and fault localization (I.610 
• Advanced traffic management including shaping and policing