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Gmux-2000Hub-Site Pseudowire and Voice Trunking Gateway

Carrier-Class Voice Trunking Gateway

The Gmux-2000 carrier-class voice trunking gateway uses advanced compression algorithms to provide 16:1 voice compression, minimizing the bandwidth required for voice transmissions over packet networks and reducing cellular backhaul expenses.

The Gmux-2000 is a cost-effective, modular carrier-class voice trunking gateway that provides a high-capacity solution for reducing the bandwidth required for voice transmission over TDM, IP or MPLS networks.

Using state-of-the-art-voice compression algorithms, as well as voice activity detection, silence suppression and RAD’s unique TDMoIP multiplexing, Gmux-2000 can transmit up to 112 E1/T1 links over as few as seven E1/T1s, or over a single GbE link. Alternatively, Gmux-2000 can compress voice coming directly from an STM-1/OC-3 voice trunk. 

  • Compresses up to 112 full E1/T1 voice lines or a single STM-1/OC-3 voice line over E1/T1, SDH/SONET or GbE links
  • Up to 15:1 voice compression combine with silence suppression and TDMoIP multiplexing to reach maximal bandwidth savings (up to 16:1)
  • Modular chassis with full hardware redundancy
  • Additional optimization of signaling channels
  • Local and remote management via ASCII terminal, Telnet or RADview-SC/Vmux