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LA-130        DSL Cell Site Gateway

DSL Cell-Site Gateway 

LA-130 delivers TDM and ATM services over ATM and packet-switched networks. It aggregates and optimizes TDM and ATM traffic over DSL link in 2G and 3G cellular backhaul applications.  

• Equipped with 4 E1 ports towards the cell site, individually software configurable as TDM, ATM UNI or ATM IMA

• Supports IMA or physical-layer bonding of SHDSL.bis up to 20 Mbps 

• Ideal solution for HSDPA offload over ADSL2+ 

• Standard pseudowire encapsulation techniques: ATMoPSN, CESoPSN and SAToP  

• High precision clock recovery via ACR (Adaptive Clock Recovery) or NTR (Network Time Reference)