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LA-210          LA-210

EFM DSL Network Termination Unit

The LA-210 enables service providers to deliver mid-band Ethernet and high speed Ethernet where fiber is not present, by offering Ethernet access rates of up to 22 Mbps over bonded SHDSL.bis copper lines based on standard EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) technology. 


  • Mid-band Ethernet access up to 22 Mbps using EFM bonding
  • Up to four pairs of EFM bonded SHDSL.bis uplink lines Up to four Fast Ethernet user ports
  • Pseudowire support for E1, V.35 or X.21 traffic MEF-9 and MEF-14 EPL and EVPL certified
  • Advanced QoS mechanism per EVC/EVC.CoS
  • Ethernet link and service OAM with performance monitoring for end-to-end SLA control
  • Multi-standard pseudowire support for legacy services over PSN