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SCADA Security

SCADA Security


Distributed, SCADA-aware Firewall Integrated in Network Switches

Your Needs:

Secure SCADA installations throughout the power grid to protect from cyber security threats.

Our Solution:

Use secure Ethernet switches with built-in firewall/VPN to reliably connect and safeguard SCADA equipment from “insider” attacks. Ruggedized Ethernet switches use highly secure firewall to monitor application traffic and stop unauthorized and potentially damaging activity.


Protection of Ethernet-based and serial SCADA devices

Ruggedized switch ensures operation in harsh environments, standard compliant with IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 EMI

Integrated firewall on each port provides a network-based distributed security solution equivalent to the use of personal firewalls on each system in the network, with service-aware inspection of traffic in every end-point and role-based validation of SCADA flows

Full security functions in a single switch: Service validation, remote access, inter-site VPN and access controlBuilt-in QoS to support mission critical services