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Substation Communications

Substation Communications

Substation Communications for Legacy and Ethernet-Based Devices over SDH/SONET or Ethernet

Your Needs:

Establish substation communications between high voltage (HV) primary substations or medium voltage (MV) substations for TDM and Ethernet traffic, including SCADA, voice, video, LAN, and data traffic.

Our Solution:

Use RAD’s utility communications solutions for reliable, accurate and immediate delivery of critical TDM and Ethernet traffic between central control and multiple remote locations over fiber optic, copper, or wireless connections. Ensure high availability and service resiliency with comprehensive redundancy and link protection options. 


Single-box support for all types of TDM and Ethernet-based HV and MV substation communications

Smooth migration and future-proof compatibility with IP services and infrastructure; full vendor support for both TDM and IP services and infrastructure


Self-healing, multi-rate TDM and Ethernet ring support with rapid restoration provide NSPF (no single point of failure) resiliency and a cost-effective alternative to multi-link connectivity

Assured end-to-end delay of and minimal asymmetrical delay and jitter

DS0 cross connect for grooming of fractional E1/T1 links to full TDM fiber trunks

Carrier-class central management system offers easy integration with OSS and umbrella systems