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Teleprotection Connectivity

Teleprotection Connectivity


Teleprotection Connectivity with Very Low End-to-End Delay over TDM or IP

Your Needs:

Deliver Teleprotection signals with mission-critical accuracy over TDM or IP, without requiring dedicated fiber.

Our Solution:

RAD’s multiservice multiplexers ensure very low end-to-end propagation delay for Teleprotection signal delivery over any available infrastructure, using C37.94, X.21, V.35, E&M, or E1/T1 connections.



Mission critical accuracy in delivery of Teleprotection signals over TDM, IP or dedicated fiber

A wide variety of Teleprotection communication channel interfaces including C37.94, X.21, E1/T1, E&M, and V.35, as well as CMD In/Out

Reduce CapEx and OpEx with a single-box solution for all substation communications services

Ultra-low end-to-end propagation delay supports immediate delivery of Transfer Trip commands to remote-end substations

Maintain performance levels for mission critical applications when migrating to packet networks with definitive QoS, high priority delivery and robust latency and jitter protection